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MM Diving Inc specializes in all aspects of underwater construction, including welding, burning, inspecting, mooring and salvaging operations. We also offer a potable water and utility diving division for repairs and maintenance of water systems. Our experienced commercial diving team in Crescent City, Kelseyville and Los Angles California, is licensed and insured, as well as certified for confined spaces. We strictly adhere to ADCI standards and only dive with a minimum three-man diving crew using surface-supplied hose gear. Our equipment uses video and two-way radio communications to ensure that everyone remains safe throughout the dive.

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"Vic and his crew are true professionals. It's nice to see people with a great work ethic."

W. J. in Florence, OR

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Established in 1998 and based in Northern California, MM Diving Inc is HUD-zone qualified and owned and operated by Vic Markytan. We have over 30 years' experience in the diving industry and three complete dive stations with burning gear, hot water, rigging, and spare parts that are ready to go. Our company also has DVD and TV monitors for recording our dives and allowing our clients to watch in real time. Through our strict commitment to the use of proven safety procedures, hiring only highly experienced professionals, and utilizing the best equipment available, we've succeeded in maintaining our perfect safety record.

Mission Statement: Our goal is to continue to provide quality commercial diving services in remote locations throughout California and maintain our zero accident record.

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(844) 325-2309

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Throughout California with emphasis north of the Bay area.

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